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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Between Tangled Lines


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On August 17, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved

Make rules ,
That bind
In the night prowls
Those that sail with the wind.

Careful what you wish for
Thoughts buzzing within
Not right in  the within
Drifting, moving with the flow.

The burning man comes
Thriving in pain
Destruction his middle name
Living it up, living a lie.

Careful what you wish for
Just might get it
Not right always
Sometimes wrong.

Howls in the night
Hoots in response
Call to arms
Rise and fall.

Careful what you call for
Rising from quagmire of silt
Fangs, bangs, snaps
Angling for bared throat.

Backplanes and side planes
You make no sense of this
Read between, look within
Deep lean lines.

Careful what you wish for
Ignore misunderstood machinations
Look between the lines always
See the big picture.

Fish against fish
Blind leading the blind
The one-eyed is the king
Deep pits before narrow paths.

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