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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Reality bites

On October 1, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved


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so you think you've got it bad?
look around you, pen your eye
try to see the big pictures
look, see, so many with different stories.

here, take my hand
let me take you on a journey
through the dark, winding
maelstrom that lies ahead, around, within.

tormentor, demented, tormented
you with your silver spoons
ivory towers built on fragile clouds
life, one roller-coaster jamboree.

for every action a reaction
a pound for a pound
an eye for an eye
a prick for a prick.

another day, another year
in the life of a little giant
living in past, short-lived glory
basking in long-forgotten importance
a long slip from obscurity to oblivion.

brood of cowards
hands seemingly tied
spineless cretins
hoping for a better day.

so you want to be in heaven?
ready to take the flight,
walk the walk along the,
long winding road of those who know?

it is amazing, really
rich and poor afraid of the same thing
the whole world erupting
dark storms brewing.

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