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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Prepare for the Light

This poem was written for the lovely painting above as a contest entry. The painting is by Jo-An Greinert, a truly amazing artist. The painting is titled Prepare for the Light.

On September 6. © Stani, All rights reserved

A world held in the throes of darkness
a world looking for a way out of
the quagmire of destruction
that besets it.

The struggle within
has been intense.
Struggle evokes memories
of a life that once was pure.

Everywhere we had turned to
we saw destruction.
We saw oppression, repression
no way out of the clutches of evil.

In our innocence
we thought

We looked at our little ones,
innocence personified.
Who will be there for them
when we are gone?

Dark thoughts
swirling in our minds
in a world gone dark
with sorrow, with hopelessness.

Now out of the darkness
comes a herald
bringing a message
of hope, of light!

At first it looks like a

Look further
look within
find that strength
to fight off clutches of darkness.

Fight it off, for,
hope is here at last
the light is coming
prepare to meet the light!

The Light of the universe comes
bringing with it
joy, peace,
truth and love.

Now we shall have the last laugh.
We shall look into the abyss
yes, even step into it and
we shall emerge victorious.

We shall stare straight into the
eyes of the dark ones
we shall shine the light into their eyes
we shall bring hope to them.

Oh! Joy!
The Light! Sweet light is coming!

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