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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Have been tagged!


Poeticallytinted tagged me and has me in jitters over this! lol!

Now this is really cool! Here are the rules:

1. Tell three things about yourself, - 2 should be the truth and 1 a lie!

2. Commenters should guess which two are true and which one is a lie.

3. Tag 6 people to do the same.

4. Post the answers in your next blog or when you have enough comments!

Whew! Here we go:

1. I believe in God.

2. I always believed Obama would win the US elections!

3. When I was little, I played with a dangerous snake and am still alive!

I tag:

1. Tenacious Tess

2. Simplyblessedbliss

3. Emilia

4. Sara

5. Any blogger who comes across this post!

6. Any other person who reads this!

The picture above is by Hogne --

Friday, January 30, 2009

Defiance in Recession = Bravery? or Stupidity? or Both?

Workers in some regions in Britain are currently striking in protest over the use of foreign workers by some companies. I don't know how this is going to blow out, but if not curbed on time, it is possible it is going to turn to something like, 'Out with the Arabs, blacks, Jews, etc, etc, etc!'

Don't know if this is stupidity, bravery or both, but these are very hard times and protests like these might lead to tremendous loss of jobs for the regions concerned. Then again, this could be something the companies in question have planned to enable them leave Britain!


.......All in the name of the flag!

british workers

..........This says it all! Only British workers allowed in Britain!


......Yeah! You better hire only Britons or else! Ya bollocks!

Italian workers defiance

.....Meanwhile, Mama Mia! These Italians got ball! They are giving you the finger, the middle! Hmmm!

Yeah right

........Yeah, right!


....Heil!....Britons, british workers, countrymen...


,,,,,,,Hmm! Well why not blame it on the Flash? He may have started it all! WoW!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Police parade goat as robbery suspect

Police in Kwara State of Nigeria yesterday paraded a goat as a robbery suspect!!!! Wow! Hard to believe, but it's true. It was said to have been caught in the act of stealing a Mazda. Read the rest of the story here

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tortured thoughts

world weary

world weary3

Pictures are by the Beatrix --

I think these pictures kind of express what the world is going through at the moment. There is a pervading. all encompassing, feeling of lethargy! At the moment it seems nothing we do can take our minds away from the filth in the air, the filth of the recession, the filth of the accompanying depression? What can we do? Some hide behind a false sense of religion. I spoke to a fellow the other day and he said this to me ' My pastor has told us that we should never agree that that there is a recession, if we hear people talking about recession, we should cast it out of our minds, we are children of God and the recession cannot harm us?' Is this blind faith, a false sense of security or does this actually work? I don't know! All I know is the suffering that I can see around me, the sense that as each day goes by, the world we knew is coming to an end and maybe this is the dawn of a new era? Maybe not! The pictures above touched me a great deal, i have never being there (I have nearly being though) but they remind me of what a lot of people are going through now. When they look all around, the look of despair, the look of loss, the feeling that it is at an end, how can I go on? i wrote the little poem below as an accompaniment these pictures!

2009 © Stani, All rights reserved

Life sullied by unsated longings
looking for peacefulness in
checkered, skewed past
finding none.

Here I sit, life's reject,
homeward bound,
looking to the east, to the west,
road nowhere to be found.

Search for a place
to rest my aching head, arthritic knees,
foul, mephitic odors assailing congested nostrils
drowning in the stench of my soul.

Cigarette in my hand,perhaps the last I will have in a long while,

maybe the last ever. Where will life take me next?

Where did it all go? The dreams, the plans, the loves!

All that I have ever had, will ever have, all gone away

My search for answers to life's burning questions
struggling to overcome falseness.
So here I stand, on sinking sand,
where I sought a bulwark, instead drowning in foulness.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

These eyes

Eyes of Knowledge

on January 20, 2009 © Stani, All rights reserved
This picture was taken by Billy Gomez

Tired, grizzled look of one
who has seen it all through
eyes glinting with mirth
looking at the world, laughing within.

Walk with me through the labyrinth of time
See all I have seen
through these worldly eyes,
step through to my world

Love, hot, burning love
see the one who had it all
how intoxicating it was, exhilarating,
it all went away, driven away by envy, obsessiveness

Stick in the mouth
glass in hand
dance a jig
on the corridors of destruction

These eyes have seen it all
decency lost in a heartbeat to prejudices bottled up,
unleashed to the delight of the destructive
chaos, anarchy everywhere!

The 69 Jig

This was initially written as a contest entry at, but I have since edited it and added a few more of my 'thoughts'. The contest was arranged by a poet who was on a journey at sea and wanted something to keep her 'hot' all the way. Let me warn you that this peom contains adult content, etc, etc, and if you are not comfortable with anything erotic, then please read no further, but if you are like me - no inhibitions, then please enjoy and get ready for some hotness!!!!!

The sixty-nine jig

on December 31, 2008. © Stani, All rights reserved
The 69 Jig

A stroll in the park,
a response to awakening passion
spurring us on without a care.
We cast aside inhibitions along with our clothes.
Though it is chilly we only feel warmth,
rubbing our bodies against one another
touching and rubbing our members which are on fire.

We kiss, savoring sweet taste of saliva.
You turn your back to me
I nibble at your ear.
You moan, you groan, you shiver,
goose pimples all over quivering flesh
You say, 'let's do a sixty-nine jig',
sweet pleasure anticipated.

Now we are positioned
ready for exquisite pleasure.
You nibble at the base of my pleasure,
it is hot, throbbing.
I stare into awaiting paradise dripping,
flowing with sweet ambrosia
I press my face against it, sweet smell, alluring, delightful!

We start our jig together,
suckling, teasing, tasting, biting
we are trembling in each others mouths
ambrosia flowing out of you in copious amounts
you are pleasuring me,
even as I come, spurting hot jism down your throat
titillating me, guzzling my blessings
our thirstiness nearly sated.

We are going faster now,
more explosions on the way
now we feel, pain and sweetness, mixed together
we cannot hold on anymore
we spurt some more and crest together
sixty-nine jig comes to a sweet, sweet, end
bliss is what we feel

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Conversations 3

© Stani, All rights reserved

Part 3 in my series of Conversations of Concerned Nigerians! Here we go:

"Greetings O! How you dey today?"

"I am okay my man, very okay. I was just about to find my way to your crib, wetin dey now?"

"Nothing much, just that something I just discovered is not making me happy."

"What is that now?"

"I just found out that Baba Go Slow and his cronies have earmarked about 2 billion of our money for the purchase of petrol for government generators"

"What is wrong with that? You always look for a reason to complain. In fact, I am beginning to think that if I check up that word, 'complain' in the dictionary, I would most certainly see your face in its place!"

"You no well! It's people like you who are encouraging this ridiculous manner in which government spends our money"

"Which money? Do you have money? When did the government tell you that this money is yours? Look let me just knock this into that thick skull of yours, people like BGS and his predecessors do not believe they owe us anything in terms of good governance, accountability and all that blah blah blah that you are always talking about. In fact, they believe the nation is theirs to run as they see fit and neither you nor I can do anything about this misconception of theirs. So when you see me drinking my akpeteshi and chomping on my chicken laps, it's not that I cannot complain, but I have come to realize that my complaining will only get me into trouble with security boys"

"So you are content to remain like this, enjoying yourself as if there is nothing wrong?"

"Yes. Do you think I want to be forcefully invited to visit the triple S guys? Abeg, make we talk of other matters jor! I hear that congratulations are in order?"

"For me?"

"You ke? Who know you, oloshi! I am talking about the other Baba! He just got awarded a certificate in theology"

"Oh! That one? If not for am, we no go dey all these mess today!"

"Which mess are you talking about now?"

"The Baba Go Slow mess now!"

"Forget that side! Look BGS is here, he is the best we have out a 150million people, we just need to make do and hope for the best, after all, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king now!"

"You and your parables! I suppose that aptly describes the spate of kidnapping that is being going on everywhere? I heard that Elechi Amadi was kidnapped and a ransom of 300million naira was demanded?"

"Yes O! The boys released him sha when they realized he had nothing to offer them! This kidnapping issue is really giving cause for concern. It is gradually spreading all over the country and it really bugs me!"

"Hahhahahha! Shebi you talk say nothing dey worry you, just keep on drinking your akpeteshi, dem go soon come kidnap you for here and your eyes go open!"

"If na play, make you stop am! I would not even be able to offer them more than a keg of palmi! The government needs to start looking at this issue urgently. Unemployment is giving these youths an excuse to carry out these activities. There is no hope in the land anymore. The philosophy of Go Slowism is really starting to make matters worse. I mean, I worry that with the spate of kidnappings and armed robberies taking place everyday, there seems to be no urgent move from the relevant quarters to find a lasting solution to the nagging issues. Instead, they are pursuing irrelevant actions like sacking Nuhu and arresting bloggers like Elendu!"

"Yes! And if they are not running after anti-corruption champions and bloggers, they are arresting women who are scantily dressed!"

"See am now, you don take me back to old news! At the height of that morality campaign, I think they arrested about 90 girls for wearing small small shimi! I nearly died of laughter O! Robbers where and are still attacking banks and innocent people, Police are busy arresting innocent women!"

"Bros, seriously, jokes aside, government need to do something O! Imagine a land like this, ehn, where riding okada is regarded as employment? Almost any house wey you enter, you are certain to meet a 'yahoo boy'. I tell you, the way we be now, na survival of the fittest O!"

"Na so now! Look abeg, I am tired of all this your depressing talk about an equally depressing country. I wan enjoy my brew in peace, if you no fit talk of something else, like fine okpekes and ikebe, make you come dey go!"

"Hahhahahha! This bros self! You too hard, you no know say you don old self, you still dey talk of small ikebe and okpekes!"

"You dey craze! That my Unilag smally, she tell me say I still dey kampe like OBJ!"

"Hahhahahha! Abeg give me cup jare! Make I shack myself silly!"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Conversations Part 2

© Stani, All rights reserved

"How are you today, my brother?"

"I am alright, thank you and how are you?"

"I am fine also. I am just a bit puzzled, though."

"By what?"

"You! You sound very upbeat today and why are you dressed as if you are going to war or something?"

"Hahahah! Na wa for you self! These are not war clothes, just the clothes I wear when I am looking for something! I have decided to do my civic duty by contributing positively to an on-going search!"

"What are you searching for now?"

"El-Rufai na! Did you not hear that the 'powers-that-be' have declared him wanted? I am very certain there is some sort of reward somewhere, so I want to help in the search. When I capture him, perhaps, I will get something for all my troubles."

"I am amazed at you sha and the length you will go to make an extra buck. Just don't waste your time with this search O!"


"The man is at Harvard now, studying for a masters degree in public administration or something like that, so I really think you are wasting your time. Moreover, for issues like this, I believe there are certain channels, like extradition request, that can be used to bring the man back home. What did he even do wrong?"

"They are saying he misappropriated billions of naira!"

"What else is new? Why the sudden zeal to capture him? There are others like him still out there whom nobody has even dared to accuse of anything. They walk about with a swagger as if they are untouchables, and one man has gone to Harvard to learn more about governance and they are declaring him 'wanted'. I don't even understand these people anymore!"

"What other individuals are there to accuse now?"

"What about the man who was in control of about 12 billion dollars gulf war money, the first gulf war? What about the people involved in the Siemens scandal? What about the former 30 or so governors who were touted as being corrupt and having something to answer for after their tenures? Have you heard of any body ask these people to come and account for their stewardship?"

"What are you saying? El-Rufai should be left alone? Moreover, the people are trying now, at least they got a conviction against the Bini man and one or two other cases are still pending"

"Sometimes, when you talk, I find it hard to believe you even went to school or whether you even pay attention to the happenings around you! I am not saying they should leave El-Rufai alone. What I am saying is this, if the man has a case to answer, use the proper channels to try and bring him home. Don't hold press conferences and say silly and stupid things like 'we have declared him wanted' As for the Bini man who was convicted, what sort of accountability is that. This is a guy accused of stealing billions of naira and at the end of the day, he is convicted of one count out of many and asked to pay 3million naira as punishment! I heard he even paid it on the spot! The happenings in this our land self!"

"Hey! It's okay, Mr Know-it-all! Mr I-Go-School! Stop insulting me!"

"I am sorry, it's just that talking to you at times, is like talking to the wall. Anyway, lets' leave all that aside. I hear say Nuhu has been assured that if the courts reinstate him, then he will be welcomed back into the force?"

"Yes O! That's what they said, though they sort of implied that the reason they sacked him is because he had the guts to sue them for demoting him! The man too funny, he forgot the land he is a part of!"

"Na wa! Before I forget self, did you hear that the Ghanaian elections finally ended and it was smooth sailing all the way?"

"I heard O! Thank God they finally learnt something from us, at last!"

"Are you drunk again? Or are you just regressing into your normal stupid mode again?"

"What do you mean? Look you should try and be a bit careful with the way you insult me O! What is wrong with what I said, after all, are we not the Giant of Africa? Are we not the African Pacesetters?"

"Giant ko, pacesetters ni! All I am just saying is the time has come to get our act right. We keep referencing past glory, but what about the present. The election that elected Baba Go Slow, was free and fair? He even said it himself, that it was not free and fair. The time has come for us to start thinking about attracting more foreign investments, diversifying our economy. Very soon, every foreign investor will start trooping to Ghana. Forget about the size of the nation. it is not how big but how well that matters. Anyway, I am tired of this frustrating conversation with you. I just came to borrow some garri, can I have some?"

"You came to borrow garri and you are insulting me! All the school you went to, you are still borrowing garri! I no go school, but I feed my family and yours almost everyday, you better start respecting me a little O!"

"It is okay now, I am sorry, can I also have some of that beans you are cooking?"

"See me see wahala O! Abeg take this garri and go jo! Next you will be asking to sleep with my wife, idiot!"

Friday, January 2, 2009


Ok, this poem was written as a contest entry at . It's great fun, it involves making use of some or all of a certain number of words to write a poem. I like being involved in contests like this as it helps improve me word bank :) Anyway, here's my own take, if u ever stumble across this blog and read this, why not give it a go?

Here the words:


Here's my own entry:


on December 31, 2008. © Stani, All rights reserved

Nature’s asperity causes you to bleed
moving around in a cloud of pain
you wonder to what degree this suffering
eulogy already written for one so young.

You feel the force of impending doom
on your guard, waiting for it to happen
insecure in false sense of security
knowing that blind justice could kill dreams of fairness.

The law sits in midnight
pressure brings hope that the night will end soon
enemy of quintessential thoughts vanquished
opaque memories finally clear as crystal, bringing forth long lost knowledge

Red the color of thoughts swirling in the mind of the xenophobe
evil plans to vex even the thickest of skin
thick scar unseen, unknown, pus festering beneath,
pandering to unrelenting whim which brings forth
sweet memories of yesterday before journey to the outer zone.
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