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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Conversations Part 1

© Stani, All rights reserved

"Merry Christmas, my friend!"

"You have started again! What is merry about a day like this, hmm?"

"What do you mean, what's merry about this day? This is Christmas, a time of goodwill and enjoyment!"

"That is for you, for me, there is nothing to be merry about"

"I can see something is bothering you, tell me about it. Come on, if you don't share, then you can't relieve yourself of the burden"

"I am just not happy about the state of affairs of the nation. Look around you, see people, with long necks made even longer by hunger, look at people with no food to eat and you are wishing me a merry Christmas. Wo! Make you just waka pass me oh!"

"Ah! But this matter no be my fault na, why are you taking it out on me? Haba, I am only trying to be a good neighbor to you"

"Good neighbor ko, good neighbor ni! That is the same thing they told Nuhu and look at where he has ended up today, a subject of ridicule!"

"How do you mean? I thought things have started to look better for him?"

"See yourself? You like enjoyment too much, so you do not pay attention to the news. Nuhu is no longer a member of the Police. he has been relieved of his duties, sacked, driven away from the force like a pariah"

"Nuhu? Mr Anti-Corruption? Why have they sacked him, ni?"

"If I did not like you so much, I would say, you ask the most stupid questions at times! They have sacked him because he is not of relevance anymore. There are no corrupt people in the land anymore!"


"Well that is what the recent trials of Nuhu would tend to portray. I mean, here is a guy, who for once, was going about his duties the right way, and they have decided that he should pay for his goodness with humiliation. Mark my words, they will end up killing him next or throwing him into jail!"

"Come on! Baba Go Slow will not allow that to happen o!"

"Well, where has Baba Go Slow been all this while? I mean, he was there when it all started, what did he do? Nothing! I tell you, his lack of action in this issue has prompted some speculation that he is actually the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes, people are saying Nuhu refused to back down from prosecuting a corrupt big-wig and this did not go down well with Baba, who then decided that the 'boy' must be punished"

"Ah! You can't say that o! Baba is just slow in everything, you can see proof in the fact that it took him almost five months to nominate new ministers to replace the ones he sacked. In fact, i believe it took him the same length of time to sack the previous ones! The Baba just slow, he no go let anything happen to Nuhu"

"Hmmph! Why do you keep talking like a mumu? Anyway, it is pointless talking over relevant issues with you and others like you who are staunch supporters of the Baba. Just mark my words sha, Nuhu will either go to jail or dem go kill am and you are gonna say i told you so!. Let us forget all that. Where are you heading to with this big keg of akpeteshe?"

"Ah! I was bringing this over to your side so we can have some xmas merriment together. I thought it would be a waste to enjoy all this fine brew by myself"

"So what are we waiting for, let's go drink ourselves silly, maybe we go forget about Baba Go Slow and his philosophy of Slowness!"
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