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Friday, July 10, 2009

At it again!

Yes they have come again. I was just reading the news this morning and this headline caught my attention - African leaders to ask G8 to honour pledges. Yes in my opinion, they have come again – that brood of irrepressible, imbecilic, long-necked, often-times-pot-bellied idiots have come again! they never seize to amaze me. At the beginning of the current economic crisis, all African leaders had to contribute to a solution was ‘ Whine! Whine! Please do not forget us! Do not forget the aid you promised us! please we are poor! We are stupid! We cannot help ourselves! We cannot empower our citizenry! All we want is Aid! Aid Aid’ Yawn. This is all getting very boring! these brood of vipers need to get off their collective backsides and think of ways to move Africa forward, rather than come to the world stage at every opportunity to beg for Aid! Silly idiots!


Moving on – to more interesting stuff? Not really, just some more stupid stuff going on out there. All I seem to see around lately are just stupid people with even more stupid ideas. Yes, the Young, Mighty, Strong, All-powerful and supremely Inane youth wing of the UDA has issued this warning -

"No sympathy for foreigners, get out of our Queen's country before our bonfire night (July 11) and parade day (July 12). Other than that your building will be blown up. Keep Northern Ireland white. Northern Ireland is only for white British."

Well, here I am scratching my head along with millions of other perplexed individuals around the world, thinking of ways to get out of a Global Economic Crisis, thinking of how to survive a Swine Flu Pandemic – and, these guys are here issuing stark, illiterate warnings! Amazing! Wow! Well, they do deserve an applaud! they should even take a bow and pat themselves on the back for being such wonderful and meaningful contributors to World progress. Ah! Well, what do you know! Anyway……………………it’s all for Queen and Country! Heil, young Hitelerites!


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