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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sky (BSKYB)- The easiest way to depression



Ok. I have spent six days since my supposed 'installation' of Sky+ TV. Six agonizing days. Here's a blow by blow account:

Day 1:

Installation day. Installation man comes out from Sky, goes about drilling holes all over the place, making a big mess. then he turns to me and says, ' Bollocks! Your land line is not compatible with Sky TV!' So I say to him, 'What exactly is the problem?' He can't explain it other than saying, my land line is not compatible with Sky Multi-room package! Then he starts calling Sky and could not get through. He says to me, I will be over later in the day and complete your installation. So I waited and waited and waited, to no avail, then I started calling his number and he won't pick his phone so I knew then and there that I was in fro some rigmarole! Bummer! I eventually got my wife to call him with her phone and he picks up the phone immediately, which gives me a sneaky feeling, he has being avoiding my call! Anyway, he told my wife, he would come over and sort everything in the morning, we just needed to send him a text message.

Day 2:

Text message was sent dutifully the next day. Here is the response, 'I told you yesterday that I could not resolve this issue, you need to contact Sky to sort this out for you.' I was shocked! So my wife got back to him saying, he promised he would help and he has not responded till date! So I decided to call Sky directly. Well, I should have put my efforts to something better. I was on the phone for the better part of an hour before I got somebody to talk and then after that I spent almost two hours being passed from various departments and still my issue still did not get resolved.

Day 3:

Ok. Third day, maybe I could get third time lucky? You wish! If only horses could fly! Anyway, day 3 was no different, same old same old. Called Sky and was passed around from one person to the other, with no resolution. It seems to me, that Sky has employed a whole bunch of nincompoops, idiots, inept and inefficient individuals! I just can't believe this, I mean, what does it take to have a set of terribly stupid people like this working for somebody?

Day 4:

I tried picking up the phone to call Sky.... nah! Not today, I just couldn't bring myself to go through the agony of listening to crazy, stupid people who have no idea what to do to solve a customer's issue! Mind you, I did not mention this before, but I already paid for this installation.

Day 5:

Still no word from Sky and I am still not in the mood to talk to some brainless twits!

Day 6: (Today)

Ok. I decided to call Sky today after a two-day hiatus. I called Sky at 03:50PM (yeah, I noted the time). I got off the phone with Sky at 07:45PM - was my issue resolved? NO! God forbid, that Sky would resolve anybody's issue, I mean, it would seem as if Christmas came too early! I really don't know how to describe Sky's inefficiency anymore or the ineptitude of the brainless twits who work for Sky, they are so terrible that it seems to me as if I just woke up from a very bad dream anytime I talk to them.

Ok, imagine this. in between my talk with Sky today, in between being passed around from department to department, I had the honour of getting across to a girl in a department that was supposed to help straighten me out. So I was the one who called right, after getting disconnected from too mush passing around and stuff. So she started their normal mantra all over again - can I have your name? Your account number, blah, blah, blah? So I explained I did not have my account number  but I could get my viewing card number, so she says, 'can I have it.' I said no, I have to call my wife on my other number and get it, it would take me just a few seconds. Guess what she told me? Oh! You are gonna love this one! She said, 'Can try and not take too long? I would not like you to place me on hold for too long' WHAT? So i lost my cool and told her that her customer service skills were non-existent, I stopped short of telling her how stupid and crazy she sounded. So it is okay for me to call Sky and be made to wait on the queue for hours, but Sky and its employees cannot afford to give me a few minutes grace to get a number from my wife? What a load of crock!

I intend to catalog here, my everyday ordeal with Sky. At this point, I do not believe I will ever get this sorted, because Sky's people are just a bunch of dishonest so-and-sos. One of them told me this evening before I hung up that he will get somebody from the sales team to call me tonight at 09:00PM to resolve the issue once and for all. He took my phone number and assured me categorically that he would get this done. It is 10:10PM now, and still no call from Sky, they cannot even keep their promises! I think I will have to call them again tomorrow and go through the agony of explaining myself over and over again and being passed like a headless chicken from department to department, all because of gross inefficiencies at Sky.

Till my update tomorrow, adios!

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