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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Muttalib joke to laugh over

I found this a bit funny, thought you might also, anyway, enjoy!

A new word has been added to the Oxford Dictionary:

Muttallib<mut-ta-lib>;n : A rich kid who attempts to throw his life away for silly reasons. Synonyms- 'Idiot, Ode, okpetu'

Origin: Nigerian local slang

Usage Examples: 'Are you a Muttalib?'

‘You fucking, stupid muttalib’

'Oh! For fuck sake, stop being a Muttalib!'

'Get out of the road you Muta-Muta.’

' Local Dialect Use: 'Wo ma Muttalib ori e',

'Commot for......diaaaa! Mutallab oshi',

'Aga ma Mutallab isi gi kita kita'

accepted abbreviation: Mu-Mu



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