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Sunday, February 7, 2010



Image is by antitude.

On February 07, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved

days and nights go by
flashes of misspent youth
assailed with hopelessness
relentlessly befuddled in a
constant state of stupor.

look at the one who had it all
lost in a maze of confusion
jumbled thoughts, mashed up collages
fighting for space in an intellect
long deprived of loving sensations.

arms folded, heads bowed
looking in from the outside
outstretched hands unable to
reach in to resolve mistakes
atrocities committed in years of falsehood.

repressed thoughts flash by
splish splash splosh
where are you now?
where am i now?
what have i become?

no better than a zombie
a lot worse than imagined,
mangled, twisted and wasted
wallowing in an endless stream
of claustrophobic pain.

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