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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the day i died

Image is from

This image was taken after the recent massacre in Jos.

On March 10, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved

the day that i died
started off like any other day
i lay in mother's arms
getting to know her, bonding

the day that i died
they came like thieves in the night
bows and arrows, machetes
guns no roses

the day that i died
gunshots reverberated
screams cries of the forlorn
people running helter-skelter

just the day before
as i lay in my mother's arms
i had visions of the greatness
i dreamt of mighty deeds

the day that i died
hours before the harrowing death
i laughed and cackled happily
to my mother's tickles

the day that i died
i met those for whom the sobriquet 'beast'
would not be fitting
a better word for describing such evil has not being found.

the day that i died
my sisters and bothers
woke in the night to sing me
beautiful lullabies.

the day that i died
while i dreamt of greatness
also i had palpable feeling of the doom
that awaits my land.

hold me mama
don't let me go
bad man is here
where are you mama?

there goes my sister to her death
raped and defiled
hacked to pieces
future snuffed out with multiple stabs\

oh! mama! there you are
bad man got your tongue
bad man raped you
bad man killed you.

the day that i died
i lost it all before i even got

the angel of sadness
beckoned to me
'come' she said 'come'
rest your head on my bosom.

i saw the angel of death
gory faced as usual skulking
waiting patiently to receive
charred pieces of my soul.

the day that i died
dreams of liberation died
plans hopes for the future
all blown away with the wind

the day that i died
just four days old i was
four hours and four seconds
all it took to lose it all
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