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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thought for today


After 50 years of economical, political, socio-cultural stupor, we continue to cling to the farce that has left us wallowing in a quagmire of political filth.....50 years after and we still define governance in terms of where one comes from, zoning and all that crap that they have sold us in the past....we still fail to recognize people for what they can offer to the growth and stability of the nation...instead we are content to remain in a state of constant stasis.....look at Edo's taken Oshiomole to show the people that it is not where you hail but what you
can offer..........orientation continues but time, time is waiting for no one....ZONING and all the blah blah blah  associated with it, crap and the like, should be scrapped and thrown into the bin..............say no to ZONING...

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