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Wednesday, October 12, 2011



On October 12, 2011 © Stani. All rights reserved

stormy weather
weary all over town
old man
insanity in the air

laughter, forced
from within
misery cold jangled
pursuit of happiness

another day, another penny
political elite
financial elite
colluding to enforce economic slavery

take to the street
the street of walls
sit-ins, lie-ins
taunts from the ivory towers

breathtaking depravity
young and fresh
enjoy while it lasts
icing on cakes

past meets the present
future reflects both
nothing changes
it's all being done before

payment for loyalty
hatred deceit
reward for good-naturedness

see me standing alone
long tall one in my hands
cocktails of agadagba mixed shots
heads bob with no understanding

runaway, runaway
where there any where
here almost all gone
oblivion obscurity

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