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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cult violence

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Six die in Edo cult violence. This is the headline that caught my attention yesterday and I could not help but wonder how it has all gone so wrong.

When will this violence stop? Your primary aim of going to college is to obtain a degree, yet you waste it killing yourselves over unnecessary agros.

It is disheartening that an idea which was setup to fight against societal ills has now being hijacked by the immature and those purveyors of hooliganism and destruction.

Day in, day out, mothers are weeping, sisters are lamenting, lovers sorrowful, fathers go to their graves with regret. The place that you call home is not safe anymore.

You who can take your fellow student's life because of some misplaced loyalty to a cult, how do you sleep at night? How are your dreams? What do you do when you dream of the tears of the beloved left behind by your wanton destruction?

Eiye, Black Axe, etc, what a waste of potential! What a disappointment! You have no useful contribution to the society. All you contribute is death, death and more death.

How long will this stupidity continue? When will you get back on the path of learning? When will you look around and realize there is more to life than violence? Look at the meaningful contributions of students in other societies.

The society is already reeling from the effects of bad leadership, evil politicians, armed robbers, kidnappers, plane crashes, evil and deceitful pastors, boko haram. You are the future, the ones who would be better placed to raise the nation above anarcy, yet you destroy yourselves, you destroy your dreams, the hopes of your loved ones. What a shame!

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