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Monday, October 13, 2008


© Stani, All rights reserved

So much of the struggle I see around today, gives me a cause for sadness. We seem always to want to lord it over ourselves. That is why, our leaders never seem to get things right. We prioritise where we are not supposed to.

Some of the best brains of my nation cannot get a job in their own country because some bloke wants his cousin or girlfriend, etc, to get that position. So imbeciles are grooming imbeciles like themselves to make policies, what it all leads to is confusion. How can a blind man lead a blind man?

The struggle is not even concetrated in one's nation alone. I read the other day about a guy in the UK who was attacked for wearing an Obama t-shirt, probably a racist attack, who knows? The most pertinent question here is, why can't I wear whatever I want to wear, without being afraid of some skinhead who has nothing better to do than to think of the superiority of his/her race? Crazy world, man, very crazy!

Here is a little poem about it all:


So many around me
rolling with me
yet never felt so alone
all false smiles

Judged for perceived imperfections
Never recognised for abilities
better than theirs
craziness everywhere.

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