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Monday, August 24, 2009

enforced torpor

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On August 24, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved

the years continue to roll by
still sitting, waiting idly
for the so-called saviour
the one who will dispel the torpor.

everyday waking up to one more struggle
one or more of your rights stripped away
forced to live like animals, even less
fed with crumbs from giant cakes.

who to turn to, to hide from the Camarillo?
gullible children that we are, we turn to
charlatans, pastors, religious yet irreligious
bring me your money, God will save us!

fools! look within yourselves for salvation
the saviour you crave lives within
only you can save yourselves from the rot
turn away from lies, face the truth.

the sands of time trickle away
still hearing tales of 'e go better'
'God go do am', 'e don do am for me'
just want to scream, say hush, hush fools!

the hunger, the craving for heaven
nobody ready to die, heaven comes on a platter
suffering, suffering and smiling
looking drug-addled, satisfied in gullibility.

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