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Monday, August 3, 2009

The MoD and the Compensation issue


I have been following this story since it first broke and I said to myself, these service men should not hold their breaths! Seems there is a silver lining in the horizon now. A Yahoo! news articles had this headline 'Ainsworth urged to drop MoD payouts appeal'

It goes without saying that this was a cringe-worthy story in the first place. These men have given all they have to serve in a war that was not of their doing. Yet, after getting one form of injury or the other, that has deteriorated, the MoD has decided they should not be compensated further. Read this:

'The MoD last week went to the High Court to challenge tribunal rulings which increased the payouts to two soldiers who developed medical complications after treatment for their initial injuries.'

Rubbish! I say, utter rubbish! These men are heroes. These men signed up to the defense forces with proud hearts, joy in the belief they were out for a noble cause. They believed if anything happened to them in the line of duty, the government would take care of them and their families. This same government has now decided that giving them a few pennies more would cause the end of the British Empire (well, so to say, duh!).

This is the same government that did not hesitate to cough up billions to bail out failed banks. This is the same government whose members have been caught up one expense row or the other. This same government now feels it is its duty to fight against service men who have given all they have for Queen and country! Amazing! Well, not amazing per se, more like incompetence at its highest form, or maybe stupidity or both!

This same utter disregard for the common man, this same attitude has been the bane of this government and indeed most governments all over the world. They do not hesitate to pander to the whims and caprices of those who already have so much, yet when the little man tries to stand up, tries to get a foot up the ladder, then they do everything possible to stamp down on them and stop their progress.

These men did not beg to be uprooted from their families to fight in a war for which adequate preparations were not made, a war taking place miles and miles away. Now they have been injured in the line of duty. The government should do what is decent and take steps to adequately compensate these brave men. Then maybe some of the respect that has been lacking in the polls will start creeping in again.

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