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Sunday, October 18, 2009



Was mouthing off the other night with a friend over the current financial situation in the world and what could be done to alleviate the various crisis facing humankind - financially that is. My friend said something about  gold and how simple it is to trade in.

Quite frankly, with the current economic climate one needs to be proactive about these things, but something piqued my interest regarding this. What would it be like to buy gold coin?

One thing I do know is that the price of gold is driven by demand and supply. Gold is regarded as a store of value. A lot of people buy gold bullion due to the fact that they recognize the stability and simplicity of trading in gold. So then the question would be asked, how much does it cost buy bullion? How does one go about carrying out this transaction?

There are various ways to purchase gold bullion. One just needs to carry out one's research when needing to purchase gold bullion. I will certainly be keeping an eye on this issue and will probably report on my progress.

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