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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I have no idea who to credit this image to, so please forgive me!

On October 1, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved

bellies full yet starvation maintains tight rein
so much in sight yet so far away
proudly celebrating mediocrity
busy as bees nothing to show for it.

backs against the wall
held together in unified inadequacy
in the land of the blind the one-eyed is king
equivocating stupidity false cognoscenti.

claims floating around, still the giant in town
not anymore, now only a giant in mediocrity
innovative dreams of our fathers long laid to rest
content to remain as one under farrago of untruth.

every day the life that we live
backs bent from daily struggle
struggling against harsh cold realities
enemies of progress cloaked as heroes.

kaleidoscope of seemingly bright colors
brightness falsely super-imposed over darkness
the best days of our lives were never there
mirages, optical illusions, so to say.

soon, very soon, there will be dancing in the streets
hand clapping, back slapping, congratulations echoing
yet minds will remain heavy, hearts will still bleed
for there's nothing really to be happy about.

what happiness has ever been derived from illusions?
delusions can only lead to a fall into a pit
hard to rise from such a fall, an uphill task
so we sit back and relax content to remain where we are.
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