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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ranting time

What a story! Nigerian official arrested for hiring witch doctor -

I had to wake yesterday to read about this on It illustrates the frustrations I feel, a lot of the time, about my country. This shows the level of intelligence which the people in authority have, this same level of intelligence that will ensure that Nigeria will never leave the dark ages!

It's so sad, really. If this man was good enough to have been made head of the agency in question, why is he afraid of his subordinate ousting him from his position? I'd be willing to bet that his appointment in the first place. was based on cronyism or favoritism.

In this time and age, only in Nigeria, or other parts of Africa, will you hear about issues such as witch craft etc. If it wasn't so sad and pathetic, I would be rolling around, dying of laughter.

Every government appointment is looked upon, not as a means of helping the nation, but as way of filling individual bank accounts, siphoning millions out of the country in the process and furthering the suffering that already pervades the land. So people will go to any length to remain in power, even if it means hiring witch doctors to kill their subordinates.

Some will say, 'Why is it that only news like this gets published in western media? They never print good news about our country'. Well tell me, when exactly has there been anything good worth reporting about? When was the last time we heard of a Nigerian invention that would go a long way in helping humanity? Even if you hear of such things, what happens to the inventors, are they encouraged to continue? Does the government give them encouragement? Of course not! They are busy lining up their pockets with ill-gotten gains.

It makes me wonder, this witch craft of a thing. There are probably witches and witch doctors everywhere. I doubt if they would be using their supernatural powers to kill each other. No! That is only the prerogative of Africans. Witches in other places are probably use their powers to further enrich mankind. Maybe that is why you see people coming up with different types of inventions in other parts of the world, people coming up with various advances in Medicine, Computing and other walks of life, but in Africa we are busy killing ourselves.

I hope someday, we will wake up to the sad fact that, Nigeria may be making a little progress in some aspects, but in the main things that matter, we are just are just not making any head way and these are the things which will get us out of the 'dark ages'.
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