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Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a man owns in this life

© Stani, All rights reserved

Occured to me the other day
I toil
I sweat
I worry.
What do I really own in this life?
Occured to me I came with nothing
So why the hassle?
Why all the stressing?
Ah! I don't know
What do I really own in this life?
Friend of mine said to me
'Stan, you got to get yourself
some nicer wheels man.
See I just got me a new Caddy'
Couple of days later
He is driven to church in a hearse
Never to ride a Caddy no more!
What does a man really own in this life?
A wise man told me, 'Nothing'
Yeah! Nothing
I guess it is time to realise
It is not what
We take away with us that matters
But the good deeds we leave behind!
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