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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The image is the creative property of Nellie Vin

Deranged thoughts

on March 18, 2009. © Stani, All rights reserved

running, running, running
from what i know and know not
over and over and over
round and round i go, in circles, dizzy, falling.

reach for the sky, reach for solidity
make me a drink, laced with ground seeds of the sensi
numb, cold, warm, tingly, evarything all at once
floating on beds of roses, wings of doves.

who is that i see? who is it coming at me with thorns and nails?
escape from reality but still within same
i see around me, i see, oh i see! clearly i say, clearly
tarnished, varnished, tied in tentherhooks in the outer limits

mamas and papas, give me what you have
no, scratch that, i don't want any of what you have
ill-gotten, from your wheeling and dealing
keep it, it is tainted with blood, pain and sorrow.

drifting, and drifting, lifted high above it all in this haze
brought upon by a desire to escape it all
yet escape is for the cowardly, so they say
getting ready, yet not wanting to, to come down to earth.

walk with me, run with me, see what i see
see the pain, feel it, red-hot, livid, live like electricity
shocked, brought down to earth with a mighty jolt
utopia gone, escape hatch closed....till the next time.
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