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Friday, March 6, 2009


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on March 06, 2009. © Stani, All rights reserved

you don't understand just what it means

to be in this enforced state of lethargy

with your long necks and big, fat stomachs

filled with the fat of the land.

broken yet un-bowed, never will

spirit-filled, waxing stronger each and everyday

hoping and praying for the hero

there are none, for heroes are simply zeroes.

stiff-necked fools, imbeciles, wasters

talk about there being no jobs, no food to eat

forty million and more unemployed in a single entity

comical yet i cannot laugh, weakened enough as it is.

look around you, can you see, can you understand this?

these times are horrible, yet for these people it has always been like this

hardship, turmoil, oppression, dejection

up in your pedestal you cannot see this.

forty million and more thoughts growing against you each and everyday

not wishing you well, who would?

arch-destroyer, arch-fiend, sinister joker caught up in the play

the macabre all you have ever known, legs raised, cackling with joy at my pain.

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