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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Frankenstein T-Shirt by Budzi Graphic Design.

Image is by Budzi Graphic Design

My little son and I were ‘brainstorming’ over what it would be like to have Frankenstein and the Big Bad Wolf in the same story. We had quite a blast and here is what we came up with:

There once lived a scientist who wanted to create a person. He started out by collecting lots of body parts from the cemetery.
One day he put all the parts he had collected together and using his science skills he was able to give life to a living being and he named it Frankenstein.

There was a problem. What he created was not actually human, but a monster. He was ugly and looked bad. The scientist looked at him and thought, 'What a mistake! What a waste! I have created something bad!'

He decided he had to kill Frankenstein the Monster. He wanted to kill him by poison, then he changed his mind and decided to let it go into the wild where he would be torn apart by wolves and lions.
So he drove Frankenstein away into the cold and wild night. Frankenstein went into the wild and was immediately attacked by some wolves and lions but he was too strong for them all and killed them and they left him alone after that.

Frankenstein kept getting drawn to the scientist's house and the scientist kept driving him away. The scientist had a little girl called Kiera. Kiera had grown up all by herself with no mother, as her mother ran away and left them when she was born. One day, Kiera, was out playing all by herself and out in the forest surrounding their house, a big bad hungry wolf was out stalking Kiera.

The wolf came up with a plan to deceive Kiera into thinking that it was her long lost mother! So the wolf looked for human clothes to put on. She put on a nice looking frock, a nice looking blouse and got some perfume for her body and some mint for her bad breath.
The wolf came walking by and said, 'Hello Kiera! How nice it is to see you at last! Oh, how I have missed you!' Innocent Kiera asked her, 'Who are you?' and the wolf said, 'Why, I am your long lost mother!' Kiera said, 'My mother? We all thought you were dead!'
The wolf said, 'No! I am not dead, I was out looking for some berries when you were born and some outlaws in the woods kidnapped me! I have only managed to escape and I came straight away to look for my little darling!'

Innocent Kiera was overjoyed. At last, she had a mother to look up to, a mother all of her own! She could not wait to share this news with her father, the scientist. So she said, 'You must come with me at once to look for father, he will be absolutely delighted to see you after all these while!' The hungry wolf thought fast and sharp and said, 'Oh! I would love to see my darling husband but first I need to rest and take the load off my feet. Take me inside and I will rest awhile then we will set out and look for your daddy.' This sounded good to Kiera and she decided to take her indoors.

Meanwhile, in the surrounding bushes, Frankenstein was watching this exchange and he thought to himself, 'The scientist has never done right by me, maybe now I can finally have revenge and watch his little girl, the light of his eyes get torn to pieces! Then again, what good would that do me? This little girl never hurt me, she has never done anything to make life miserable for me. Perhaps I should save her and in the process teach the scientist a greater lesson, that of LOVE!'

So Frankenstein slinked into the house and searched for Kiera and the big bad wolf. Just in time, Frankenstein came upon the big bad wolf about to eat Kiera alive. Frankenstein charged into the room and shouted, 'Why, you little rascal, get away from the little!' The wolf bared her fangs and rushed at Frankenstein, but this was a mistake because Frankenstein grabbed her and flung her out through the window. It was a long fall and the wolf died immediately, smashing to pieces! The scientist happened to be at the gates at that very instant and he rushed up the stairs, shouting, 'Kiera. Kiera!'
Kiera said, 'Hi dad, thank God you are home. Frankenstein just saved me from the big bad wolf! I owe my life to him' The scientist was touched by this and he felt sad at having treated Frankenstein badly. He took Frankenstein back in and they all lived happily ever after.

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