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Saturday, April 3, 2010



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On April 03, 2010 © Stani. All rights reserved

I still come here often, just to sit on that same bench we both loved to sit on, while savouring our togetherness.
Remember? Of course you do! When I sit here, the memories come flooding in. I remember the fist time you kissed me.
Oh! How sweet it was! How you laid your head on my shoulder, your arms round my waist, promising me it would never end.

I thought it would never end  myself, I thought we would go on forever, drifting along in innocent reveries. What did we know?
Nothing really, we were just two innocent bystanders about to get caught in events not of our choosing. Maybe if we
could have found a crystal ball, who knows, maybe we would have seen the future and what it held. 

Do you know, I saw him yesterday? Him, the one who tore us apart, the one who could not stand to see how happy we were.
He looked right though me, as if I did not exist. My blood boiled over, my heart bled! I remembered all the evil he
did to you, I wanted to end it all there, but I held myself back. I heard your voice telling me, 'Wait! soon!'

I have everything prepared now. This space that used to be ours, now mine alone. Needles and knives sharpened. Shackles
prepared. Your father is on the way now. Soon the waiting will all be over! Who knows, maybe I will be with you soon
holding you once more in my arms, the way i sued to...

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