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Thursday, April 1, 2010

In the news today

A Lebanese man convicted in Saudi Arabia of the crime of ‘sorcery’ is scheduled to be be-headed. Ali Hussain Sibat is a former host of a popular call-in show aired in Lebanon, in which he ‘predicts’ the future and advices callers on what to do. He was arrested in Saudi Arabia when he went to perform Umra. I don’t believe this man is sorcerer or that he can predict the future. Come on, if he could see into the future, would he have travelled to Saudi Arabia in the first place? I get confused, no frustrated, when people carry out actions based on religious zeal which beclouds their normal thinking abilities! This should not even have gone to court, it is so simple! Now he is to be be-headed based on some wacky, religious reason? Please!

Moving on, still on the same fundamentalism, but good news anyway, a Malaysion model who was supposed to have being publicly caned for drinking alcohol in public, has had her sentence commuted to community service instead. Well, I see common-sense prevailing somewhere! There is a level of hypocrisy here that I don’t understand or maybe I am the one who is cuckoo. You don’t want people in your country drinking beer, but you allow beer to be sold in the same country! Wow! What a load of crock! If you You probably delude yourself when you imagine that nobody who is a muslim drinks alcohol in the country.

In other news, a former high school teacher in facing criminal charges on five misdemeanor charges of contributing to the depravation of a minor, has been acquitted on all counts. Nathan Grigsby was  elated by the news, hear him, ‘"I'm very excited and glad to see justice prevailed," Grigsby said. "I put my faith in God that the jury would see the truth, which is the way I told it."  Why this case went to court in the first place I do not know nor understand, I mean this days all sort of stuff is taught in school, sex education being one of them.  Anyway, kudos to the jury for keeping a cool head. See the video here.

Be warned! A new deadly ‘legal drug’ is about to flood the markets! This warning is coming from the manufacturer of such ‘legal drugs’ like mephedrone. Listen to him,  "This stuff is absolutely evil - it's going to cause all sorts of psychological problems, It will cause long-term brain damage from the very first hit and eventually it's going to end up with bodies." The drug is called NAPHYRONE. I guess once it hits the UK markets, it would only be a matter of time before it hits Ireland! It makes my skin creep when I think about the hurdles the governments face to ban these legal designer highs. One gets banned and another hits the market almost immediately. Don’t be fooled though, it’s all about filthy lucre and the guys who manufacture these drugs do not care except at the end of the day they get paid, that is all they care about!

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