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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election of Hope

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I woke up this morning with the most hilarious news - Barrack Obama surmounts the odds to become the 44th President of the USA! WOW!!!

For me this is a redefining moment in history. I never believed this could happen, that a black man could rise to become a president in the USA. Not just a black man, but one who is just a first generation American, whose roots can be traced firmly to Kenya. A descendant of slaves has risen up to become the president of the USA!

This is a wake-up call to the rest of the world. This is a wake-up call to those hotbeds of racism, to those who do not believe in change.

No matter what happens, I believe that America has changed forever, its demographics, pulled apart and redefined. This is good for the rest of the world, this is change for the rest of the world.

This is a moment of great hope for all black men all over the world, either in America, Africa or Europe. We can make things happens if we put our minds to it. We can look at the hardships, obstacles in our paths and take them apart and turn them to stories of success. We can look at those who want to relate with us with racist attitudes and say to them, ' RESPECT.'

For me, this is truly a season of change. First, Lewis Hamilton did it to become not only the youngest formula 1 world champion, but also the first Black F1 champion. Now, Obama has joined him to put down the gauntlet for the rest of us blacks.

These two men made up their minds long ago to be different. They looked at what would be predominantly white strongholds and decided to take dive in there and swim with them. Lewis Hamilton has brought in a new scenario into F1. Barrack Obama has brought a new standard of leadership to the world stage.

This is a message to Africa as well. Africa and her teething problems, which seem never-ending. African leaders should watch and learn. Young Africans should also watch and learn. The time has come to drive most of the imbeciles in power across the continent away. The time has come to dedicate resources to all that can help give the young hope. The time has come for young Africans to realize they hold the balance of power in their hands.

We have suffered too long in Africa, we are still suffering and we will continue suffering unless we take the Obama revolution and learn from it. The time has come.

The time has come for the rest of world as well, Europe, Asia, wherever. The time has come to stop looking at the Blackman as a threat. The time has come to start realizing we have potentials as well. The time has come to start giving blacks the same opportunities as whites have. If Obama and Lewis Hamilton did not have the right opportunities, they would not be where they are now.

Now I need to stop writing. It is time to have drink for Obama. I will have this drink not only for Obama, and Lewis Hamilton, but for all those who have hope, for all those who spread the message of hope, change and love! Here's to you all! Cheers!
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