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Saturday, November 1, 2008

People on the move

© Stani 11/1/08, All rights reserved

I still sit and wonder at times about this thing called life. have you sometimes, looked around you, and thought you could make sense of it all? I don't know but seems we are like bees, going about our business, without a care in the world - for those around us or even for ourselves! Seems we are always on the move, always busy - busy bees! The little picture above got me thinking. It is all about people on the move and what might be going through their minds - well seems like that to me anyway. Thanks to zhaul ( for pointing me to this pix - I wrote a little something about it - see what you make of it :)

About life

Drifting by
without a care
blissfully unaware
time flying by.

The temptation
to make a fast buck
leaves some in a muck
shattered illusion.

Amongst the throng
those who will prey
on ones who pray
survival for only the strong.

Objectives sometimes met
Joy meets sorrow
today blends tomorrow
hope in the sunset.
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