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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Iwu and Us elctoral process - very funny!

Here is a news article from The Punch. I have been laughing since I first read this and in the past few days this is about the funniest I have read. Ladies and gents, this is nothing but the ramblings of an imbecilic and inane individual! Please read and laugh your heads off!

Iwu faults US electoral system

By Tobi Soniyi, Abuja

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Maurice Iwu, on Tuesday in Abuja faulted the United States of America's election process.

Maurice Iwu

Iwu, who was at the Presidential Villa for a meeting that was not disclosed to State House correspondents, described the Nigerian electoral system as better than that of the US.

Asked to comment on the specific areas the US could learn from Nigeria, Iwu said the Americans should learn to keep a national voters' register.

He said that they should also learn to hold presidential election in one day rather than scatter it over several days, as they do in the case of early voting.

"They should learn to keep a voters' register and they should learn to hold elections in one day,'' Iwu said as he hurried off, declining to make further comments.

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