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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Life and Death

© Stani, All rights reserved

Here's a little play I had on words on an exercise over @ You have 9 words-
ambiguous, relative, perdition, effect, discard, connivance, infer, imply, procrastination. You have to make the most of these words and see what you get in terms of:
I. Write a complete sentence (creatively) with each word
II. Write a poetic line that ends with each word
III. Find 2-3 rhyming words for each word
IV. Create 2 line verses rhyming with each other.

It's really great fun. See what you can do with these.

Here's my own take on this exercise:

I. Write a complete sentence (creatively) with each word

ambiguous -- In trying to explain the discrepancies in the report he presented to the company, Sam came up with several ambiguous details that did not add up.

relative -- When we look at the the various wars that have been fought in the past decades,we also have to look at the relative factors that led to the conflicts.

perdition -- According to some wise men, those who suffer from delusions of grandeur often end up in perdition.

effect -- The effect of a lady's scent on me, leaves me in a most profound state, when it is a lovely scent!

discard -- Discard thoughts of strife and dicord!

connivance -- Connivance between some unscrupulous players of the club and bookmakers, led to the downfall of the football club last season.

infer -- When you inadvertently infer that someone is a playboy, without any concrete proof, you might end up in court to defend your views.

imply -- To imply from one's speech that they have a preference for salacious gossip, is a gift!

procrastination -- Procrastination does not befit men of power.

II. Write a poetic line that ends with each word

1. If only her feelings for me were not so ambiguous
2. Yes,we hate and we love, but to the other, both are relative
3. To die for love makes no difference, though it may end in perdition
4. Lick, suckle, nuzzle, great effect!
5. Hatred, I will discard!
6. Trickery, infamy all borne out of connivance!
7. That I love women, this I will always infer.
8. Away with you, joy do not imply!
9. Leave me be, leave me to sink in my procrastination

III. Find 2-3 rhyming words for each word
1. ambiguous --- contiguous, bilinguous, attiguous
2. relative ------- palative, ablative, copulative
3. perdition ------ rendition, edition,
4. effect ---------- eject, affect, reflect
5. discard -------- retard, placard
6. connivance ---- utterance, instance
7. infer ----------- refer, prefer, buffer
8. imply -------------- reply, apply, supply
9. procrastination -- destination, elimination, aspiration

IV. Create 2 line verses rhyming with each other.

Though I have lived a life dedicated to being ambiguous,
still I try, in all I do, to remain contiguous.

So, I look at life and death, how relative
they are in terms of being copulative.

One if not well lived could lead to perdition
while in the other, death, life could have a new edition.

On this journey, I have experienced love and its effect
on my senses, has caused me, many a time, joyfully to reflect.

Ah! What in this life can I discard?
Nothing! For to do that, would make me a retard!

What treachery have I experienced, fate's connivance
with mine enemies, leading to death's advance!

Standing up, betrayal to infer
though, loyalty I would prefer.

Gently I imply
I await only love's reply.

So, as my life ebbs slowly away, I look upon my procrastination,
happily drifting towards unknown destination.
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