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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hypocritical Values


It sometimes amazes me the propensity we have for ascribing certain values to certain people and to others, well we just  smile and say, ‘ Oh! He/she is at it again.’ Take Tiger for instance and what is happening to him at the moment.

Endorsements are flying out of the window, right, left and center. Suddenly, Tiger is not a suitable person to represent certain interests. He befouls American/World family values. Certain interests would lose tons of money if the face on their products happens to be Tiger. Tiger is pariah.

There are other people as famous and rich as Tiger, even richer who carry dalliances worse than Tiger, but for some reason whatever they do, they end up getting forgiveness. Yes, these are the ‘untouchables’, whatever they do can be explained away, if they are caught out, they get only the odd tap on the hand and then they are allowed to carry on.

I am not saying here that whatever Tiger has done is okay or permissible, I mean, how could a man do such a thing to wife? All I am saying is that the press/public should take a step back and stop this hypocritical show that is put on every time certain celebrities are caught with their pants/bras down.

Take the uproar that welcomes the exposure of Janet Jackson’s boob sometime ago. So she decided to expose her boob or it happened accidentally, I still can’t understand the media uproar that followed. Suddenly Janet Jackson became a threat to the so-called American family values. Madonna and a lot of other female stars like Janet, have being exposing themselves for years but they were idolized and placed on a pedestal of infallibility.

Michael Vick got caught arranging dog fights or whatever and he had to go to jail! Wow! Michael Vick is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to animal cruelty. Don’t get me wrong, animal cruelty in whatever fashion is wrong, all I am saying is, a lot more people than Michael Vick should have gone to jail. Somebody said the other time during a presidential campaign, that they enjoy the thrill of shooting moose now and then, yet they are not in jail! If you shoot moose or any other animal for sport then you should be answerable.

Michael Jackson, bless  his soul, got done in by some random (or was it habitual) crotch grabbing! The same people who spear-headed his fall from grace are now coming out to claim he was a saint, he was this, he was that. Hypocrites! All their after now is milking the inevitable cash flow that is the fallout of his death.

The Nobel Prize committee for some weird reason or the other decided that President Obama was deserving of the Nobel Peace prize. For the life of me, I cannot fathom the reason behind such a hair-brained, inane decision. What has Obama contributed to world peace? He has just approved sending of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. He is on a collision cause with Iran and North Korea. Morgan Tsvangirai and a lot of other people like him have done more to hustle for peace and achieving of objectives through peaceful means, were they considered for this award? Probably, but because of the hypocrisy that surrounds the award now, they were also probably overlooked.

Bill Clinton was almost done in because he was getting head in the White House. Come on, if he was getting it from the right quarters he probably wouldn’t have fallen for ‘that woman’. Unfortunately, he did fall and the hoopla that followed it all is now the stuff of legend. Should he or shouldn’t he have? Did ‘that woman’ actively pursue or give him ideas? Who knows really? Who cares?

These are funny times really, when the famous can be brought to their knees, unjustly, by some media hysteria whipped up by some crazy, hypocritical fanatics who have nothing better to do than to destroy people and their careers. The girls who have being sleeping with Tiger are probably all smiling to the banks now. they won’t tell their stories without ‘getting paid’. Sadly, they also are pawns in this sad and twisted game.

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