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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger on a leash


So the Tiger was caught with his pants down? So what? I mean did we think he was not human like the rest of us or did we place him on a pedestal (of hypocrisy)? really I am still trying to get my head around this fixation on celebrity that sometimes drives real issues to the background.

So the man likes to shag a prostitute or two now and then. So what? Not that I am condoning it, but come on, let’s be objective about this. If I was as loaded as Tiger is, I would probably do the same, so who am I to be casting aspersions? What gives me the right to cast aspersions?

We go about creating demi-gods out of our fellow human beings, we worship them on the screens of our TVs. We follow their every move. When times are good, we turn a blind eye to what ever they are doing. When they are steadily growing popular from our adulation, when they have more worshippers based on our adulation, we forget that they are humans and we placed them where they are.

Tiger has probably had a penchant for prostitutes all his life. He did not just get up and start going after them or them him. Who knows what else he is into? Being a fickle lot, we always express surprise when a celeb is caught in matrimonial infidelity, forgetting that somewhere in our minds we have decided to grant them a status which they cannot attain to, for after all, they are just humans.

Sometimes when I look at issues such as this particularly those concerning celebs. I cannot help but muse about those people who make a fortune out of them. The tabloids make a on of money. The mainstream news agencies make a ton of money too. The prostitutes involved in the dalliances, make a pile of money too.

Makes you wonder. Everybody starts actively searching for some dirt on any celeb. What it all boils down to is money. It is a cold, calculated move all these people make.

There are those others of course, who are in it for some different agenda or the other. There are Black groups who are simply laughing their heads off at Tiger’s misfortune, those who are saying , Good for him, the idiot!’ Why? Simply because the Tiger has refused to see himself as ‘Black.’ I don’t see anything wrong with that, I mean if he decides he not black and that he is white, so what?What is in a color anyway? The man has said that he is a ‘Calbrinasian’ which represents his mixed Caucasian, Black, Asian and Indian origin! Come on this guys has every right to claim whatever color he wants to claim!

One thing we have to remember as we continue throwing stones at the Tiger man: he is a genius, and just like every other genius, he is human, and once in a while he would forget the ‘demi-god’ status and commit what mere mortals commit. Like every other genius, he has his short-comings, but I simply cannot revel in them because there are a lot more important things to worry about, like the recession, hunger, global warming, etcetera!

All I can say at the moment is, ‘Go Tiger, don’t let hypocrisy knock you off your stride! Keep humping them blonde hoochie mamas.’ Only thing I am sad about is, Tiger is going to be remembered more for his extra-marital accomplishments than for all his great achievements in the golf course. That is the way life goes!

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