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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Umar Farouk Abdul Muttalib: epitome of a coward


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Looking back over the past few days, one cannot help but wonder at the craziness that abounds these days. Take  Umar Farouk Abdul Muttalib for instance. This is a young man, handsome many would say, probably well-bred too, a lot of things going his way, the world at his feet so to say. Yet he decided to throw it all away on what? A whim or a desire to be recognized, acknowledged? I just can’t get my head round.

Here is some one who is a scion of one of the elite families in his country. His father, apart from being a just-retired chairman of one of Nigeria’s biggest banks, also owns his own bank! Yet reading through some of the posts he is alleged to have posted in the past on the internet, one sees a young man who has never being happy with his lot, always complaining of an emptiness he needed to fill.

I would say he epitomizes a true picture of one who has always being selfish. His actions also throws into the winds the misconception that those involved in terrorism are invariably from impoverished backgrounds, having never had things go their way. That illusion has somewhat being rubbished by the actions of this would-be terrorist. Where or upon whom can we lay the blame for his stupidity?

There are a lot of selfish young men like this today, walking about with empty hearts, dreaming of glory and the rewards in heaven, the forty or so promised virgins who would welcome them with open arms and give them the sexual delights they refused themselves in this life. Don’t get me wrong, I would not mind getting to heaven and being welcomed by same virgins, but I sure won’t blow myself up to get there!

One of the scary things about this is the fact that you could live with people like this for years and never know their mind-set. You could be married to them if you are that unfortunate. They are just like chameleons, able to blend into any setting without being detected. They go through most of their deranged life with only one goal – spreading terror, shedding as much blood as possible.

What sort of a person sits down everyday, hatching plans to kill multitudes for the reward of going to heaven to f***k virgins? A totally brainwashed, mindless and stupid individual. The question they should ask themselves at times is this, ‘What about this mullah who is giving me this indoctrination? He does not seem to have any plans to blow himself up, why me?’

Another scary thought that occurred to me as well is that of the ordinary Nigerians out there who are going to be stigmatized over this crazy person’s actions. Your neighbors are going to start giving you the once-over as much as possible now. The cops will stop you for no reason other than to check if you Nigerian and if you are in the bomb making industry.

Of course, Nigerians won’t be the first to be stigmatized in this manner. After 9/11 a lot of people got mistaken for terrorists even when they were not Arabs or Muslims. You just need to be in the habit of wearing some sort of turban and you were termed a terrorist. When a similar incident happened in the UK, a Brazilian national was trailed from his home by cops and killed simply because looked like an Arab!

Umar Farouk Abdul Muttalib, in carrying out this action, has proven what a waste of space his family actually thought he was. After all, his own father took the first step of showing us what a coward he was destined to be. This father deserves kudos anyhow, and i daresay, this indoctrination of mindless evil did not emanate from his father. Umar’s father would be looking inwards now and wondering where it all went wrong.

Above all, one is thankful that the bomb did not go off as the coward intended. Hundreds, if not thousands, of parents, wives, brothers, sisters and children would be crying tears of sorrow now. This does not mean that the authorities every where should become complacent. There has never being a more dangerous time for fundamentalists than now. They have bags of tricks off their sleeves and they will not hesitate to strike if they have the opportunity, so let us all be vigilant!


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