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Friday, December 25, 2009

Seasons Greetings = 20 EC Credits!


Just would like to use this opportunity to wish every one who passes through these pages, anyone who has and who will drop by for a visit, all the best of this season and a wonderful new year up ahead!

Hopefully the worst of the recession may have passed us by, so let’s give thanks, for it could have been worse than it is now! I mean I can think of a lot of reasons why it could have being worse than it is now:

1. One could be dead (ain’t nothing worse than that, holmes!)

2. Well I could be somewhere without an internet connection. (Hmm sounds a bit selfish)

3. I could be homeless, but am not.

4. I could be hungry, but am not.

And on and on and on! I could go on, but all I got to say is, i am thankful just being alive, breathing in the sweet, fresh air of the winter mornings here.

Still here? Well if I have held your attention for so long, why don’t we have a little game. I am giving away 20 EC credits for any one who has an Entrecard account and who carries out the task below.

Why not read this, then let us know what you are thankful for? How did the recession affect you, we know it’s not over yet, but what are your thoughts about it? Thoughts of angst, despair, hope? Just leave a comment here, with a link to your blog. If you like write about it on your blog, but link to my post. I will visit your blog, drop some EC love and also send you some 20 EC Credits. You need to to notify me though by leaving a message on this post.

Happy writing then!


I will keep this open for as long as I have credits to give out, but I might also pull it at anytime :)

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