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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Praise for my King

© Stani, All rights reserved

In spite of the fact that oftentimes, I suffer from what we call 'backsliding', in spite of the fact that various pastors have told me that as long as I remain a Catholic I will not see heaven, in spite of all that, I feel a very profound connection to God every single day of my life. I experience His presence in the beauty I see around me. I feel His kindness in the laughter He surrounds me with. I then think to myself, if this is not God, then who can it be? I believe seriously that one does not need to sleep in church everyday to fell a closeness to Him. I am not saying it is wrong to go to church, rather I am saying, the relationship I have with Him within me, in my heart, means more to me than any outward show, than any church I step into, after all, the church is just a building, the Will of God matters more to me. Well who really knows about these things anyway, who can truly say, that they are saints and have not sinned or do not sin. Here's something I wrote about it:

Woke up today with the
need to praise my Maker
I tried to hold back
in fear of being ridiculed.

Then I thought to myself
'He will never hold back from me.
In fact, He has never held back
from loving me!'

Ah! My soul cries with joy
to you my Lord, my God!
I praise You O! Lord
I adore You!

I thank You Lord
for Your undying love.
I raise Your Name in worship
I exult You!

Praising You, my King,
adds nothing to Your greatness.
Adoring You, loving You
only brings me closer to You.

My heart hungers for
more of You
feed my hunger, replenish my faith
increase my charity!
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