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Friday, January 30, 2009

Defiance in Recession = Bravery? or Stupidity? or Both?

Workers in some regions in Britain are currently striking in protest over the use of foreign workers by some companies. I don't know how this is going to blow out, but if not curbed on time, it is possible it is going to turn to something like, 'Out with the Arabs, blacks, Jews, etc, etc, etc!'

Don't know if this is stupidity, bravery or both, but these are very hard times and protests like these might lead to tremendous loss of jobs for the regions concerned. Then again, this could be something the companies in question have planned to enable them leave Britain!


.......All in the name of the flag!

british workers

..........This says it all! Only British workers allowed in Britain!


......Yeah! You better hire only Britons or else! Ya bollocks!

Italian workers defiance

.....Meanwhile, Mama Mia! These Italians got ball! They are giving you the finger, the middle! Hmmm!

Yeah right

........Yeah, right!


....Heil!....Britons, british workers, countrymen...


,,,,,,,Hmm! Well why not blame it on the Flash? He may have started it all! WoW!

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