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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 69 Jig

This was initially written as a contest entry at, but I have since edited it and added a few more of my 'thoughts'. The contest was arranged by a poet who was on a journey at sea and wanted something to keep her 'hot' all the way. Let me warn you that this peom contains adult content, etc, etc, and if you are not comfortable with anything erotic, then please read no further, but if you are like me - no inhibitions, then please enjoy and get ready for some hotness!!!!!

The sixty-nine jig

on December 31, 2008. © Stani, All rights reserved
The 69 Jig

A stroll in the park,
a response to awakening passion
spurring us on without a care.
We cast aside inhibitions along with our clothes.
Though it is chilly we only feel warmth,
rubbing our bodies against one another
touching and rubbing our members which are on fire.

We kiss, savoring sweet taste of saliva.
You turn your back to me
I nibble at your ear.
You moan, you groan, you shiver,
goose pimples all over quivering flesh
You say, 'let's do a sixty-nine jig',
sweet pleasure anticipated.

Now we are positioned
ready for exquisite pleasure.
You nibble at the base of my pleasure,
it is hot, throbbing.
I stare into awaiting paradise dripping,
flowing with sweet ambrosia
I press my face against it, sweet smell, alluring, delightful!

We start our jig together,
suckling, teasing, tasting, biting
we are trembling in each others mouths
ambrosia flowing out of you in copious amounts
you are pleasuring me,
even as I come, spurting hot jism down your throat
titillating me, guzzling my blessings
our thirstiness nearly sated.

We are going faster now,
more explosions on the way
now we feel, pain and sweetness, mixed together
we cannot hold on anymore
we spurt some more and crest together
sixty-nine jig comes to a sweet, sweet, end
bliss is what we feel
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