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Monday, January 5, 2009

Conversations Part 2

© Stani, All rights reserved

"How are you today, my brother?"

"I am alright, thank you and how are you?"

"I am fine also. I am just a bit puzzled, though."

"By what?"

"You! You sound very upbeat today and why are you dressed as if you are going to war or something?"

"Hahahah! Na wa for you self! These are not war clothes, just the clothes I wear when I am looking for something! I have decided to do my civic duty by contributing positively to an on-going search!"

"What are you searching for now?"

"El-Rufai na! Did you not hear that the 'powers-that-be' have declared him wanted? I am very certain there is some sort of reward somewhere, so I want to help in the search. When I capture him, perhaps, I will get something for all my troubles."

"I am amazed at you sha and the length you will go to make an extra buck. Just don't waste your time with this search O!"


"The man is at Harvard now, studying for a masters degree in public administration or something like that, so I really think you are wasting your time. Moreover, for issues like this, I believe there are certain channels, like extradition request, that can be used to bring the man back home. What did he even do wrong?"

"They are saying he misappropriated billions of naira!"

"What else is new? Why the sudden zeal to capture him? There are others like him still out there whom nobody has even dared to accuse of anything. They walk about with a swagger as if they are untouchables, and one man has gone to Harvard to learn more about governance and they are declaring him 'wanted'. I don't even understand these people anymore!"

"What other individuals are there to accuse now?"

"What about the man who was in control of about 12 billion dollars gulf war money, the first gulf war? What about the people involved in the Siemens scandal? What about the former 30 or so governors who were touted as being corrupt and having something to answer for after their tenures? Have you heard of any body ask these people to come and account for their stewardship?"

"What are you saying? El-Rufai should be left alone? Moreover, the people are trying now, at least they got a conviction against the Bini man and one or two other cases are still pending"

"Sometimes, when you talk, I find it hard to believe you even went to school or whether you even pay attention to the happenings around you! I am not saying they should leave El-Rufai alone. What I am saying is this, if the man has a case to answer, use the proper channels to try and bring him home. Don't hold press conferences and say silly and stupid things like 'we have declared him wanted' As for the Bini man who was convicted, what sort of accountability is that. This is a guy accused of stealing billions of naira and at the end of the day, he is convicted of one count out of many and asked to pay 3million naira as punishment! I heard he even paid it on the spot! The happenings in this our land self!"

"Hey! It's okay, Mr Know-it-all! Mr I-Go-School! Stop insulting me!"

"I am sorry, it's just that talking to you at times, is like talking to the wall. Anyway, lets' leave all that aside. I hear say Nuhu has been assured that if the courts reinstate him, then he will be welcomed back into the force?"

"Yes O! That's what they said, though they sort of implied that the reason they sacked him is because he had the guts to sue them for demoting him! The man too funny, he forgot the land he is a part of!"

"Na wa! Before I forget self, did you hear that the Ghanaian elections finally ended and it was smooth sailing all the way?"

"I heard O! Thank God they finally learnt something from us, at last!"

"Are you drunk again? Or are you just regressing into your normal stupid mode again?"

"What do you mean? Look you should try and be a bit careful with the way you insult me O! What is wrong with what I said, after all, are we not the Giant of Africa? Are we not the African Pacesetters?"

"Giant ko, pacesetters ni! All I am just saying is the time has come to get our act right. We keep referencing past glory, but what about the present. The election that elected Baba Go Slow, was free and fair? He even said it himself, that it was not free and fair. The time has come for us to start thinking about attracting more foreign investments, diversifying our economy. Very soon, every foreign investor will start trooping to Ghana. Forget about the size of the nation. it is not how big but how well that matters. Anyway, I am tired of this frustrating conversation with you. I just came to borrow some garri, can I have some?"

"You came to borrow garri and you are insulting me! All the school you went to, you are still borrowing garri! I no go school, but I feed my family and yours almost everyday, you better start respecting me a little O!"

"It is okay now, I am sorry, can I also have some of that beans you are cooking?"

"See me see wahala O! Abeg take this garri and go jo! Next you will be asking to sleep with my wife, idiot!"

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