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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Have been tagged!


Poeticallytinted tagged me and has me in jitters over this! lol!

Now this is really cool! Here are the rules:

1. Tell three things about yourself, - 2 should be the truth and 1 a lie!

2. Commenters should guess which two are true and which one is a lie.

3. Tag 6 people to do the same.

4. Post the answers in your next blog or when you have enough comments!

Whew! Here we go:

1. I believe in God.

2. I always believed Obama would win the US elections!

3. When I was little, I played with a dangerous snake and am still alive!

I tag:

1. Tenacious Tess

2. Simplyblessedbliss

3. Emilia

4. Sara

5. Any blogger who comes across this post!

6. Any other person who reads this!

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