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Monday, February 9, 2009


I found this update a few moments @ poeticallytinted's called Love Hurts. It's made up of words and a few phrases. Being an addict to using words as a prompt, I decided to write something of my own out of them (hope say you no mind, poetical? :-)).

So here are the words:

My heart looks on
Pried swiftly
Swept up in
This energy

Now need to make something of my own out of all that! Here we go!


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February 2009 © Stani, All rights reserved

Frozen, held back as if suspended in time
here I sit, trembling once again, thinking of the hurt
crying these tears, like I always do, riveted as I was to your wiles
I should have seen this coming, now my heart looks on,
cut in pieces by your lies.

Threads of hope and joy, pried swiftly away
by webs of deceit, spun recklessly, with no thoughts, no cares
for a one swept up in intoxicating passion, so sweet, so addictive,
alluring one who went in foolishly with this energy,
not knowing it would end with so much at stake.

I savored this passion deliciously,for once in my life, i lived dangerously, led by blind obsession,now I am careening, slipping, helplessly towards despair's desolate abyss
groping, looking for a way out, my hand held towards you,
yet no reciprocity.

Falling, numb with grief, grieving over my naivety
aching, trembling, boiling, angry with myself, wishing it never got this far,I know not if I will survive this time, I do not want to. As if from outside my body,I watch my soul drift away, slowly, like a wisp of smoke, drifting towards destination unknown.

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