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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

times we live in

February 2009 © Stani, All rights reserved

squeals of fury, trepidation, from times previously unknown
confusion hangs in the air, masses sucked into whirlpools of fear
the fungi in control, studious and intent in obstructing progress
spreading disbelief, pain, madness and destruction.

now joy to be found in vagrancy, not the solution
systemic discrepancies to be tackled, with imbeciles in charge hold no breath
babbling about corrections to right perfidy,
blind leading the blind.

bring out the shears, cut off the unwanted
separate wheat from chaff
these are not the times for the silent
silence brings no salvation, no ovations.

oratory to raise even the dead to cheer, what good in harrowing times?
daggers and diapers, more like cloak and daggers
contortionists', no, illusionists' work done,
still more of the insidious in the air, blind still lead the blind
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