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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Join the Zork Planet and help save the world!


I found the above picture and the pledge below at . Pretty cool stuff worth taking a look at :-) :

Take the Zork Pledge to make 5 simple changes in your daily life to help save the planet Earth and join our green social site. It takes only 3 minutes.

Join us! Each one of us has the intergalactic power to make a difference, so imagine what will happen if 1 MILLION Earthlings make the Zork Pledge!


1. Use less water. Zorkpledgewaterv2_2(how?)

2. Ride a bike, walk or carpool once a week. (why?)

3. Adjust your thermostat.(more)

4. Unplug and turn off. (why?)

5. Get 10 humans to join us. (more)

Ready go 5 STEPS GREENER? Click here!

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