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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


*************WARNING: ADULT POST. IF YOU ARE LESS THAN 18, READ NO FURTHER! If you are 18 or over 18 and you find adult content offensive, please read no further!****************

Something about a picture or a painting inspires me to write at times. Just looking at the picture below, myriad thoughts start raging in me brain! I tell you, my muse comes alive! Fire! Ok, as you may have guessed, this is another one of my erotic poems. Sit back, relax, enjoy!

The painting below is by Luis Royo and can be found here



February 2009 © Stani, All rights reserved

A gentle breeze blows
cool evening coming to an end
lights turned low as I lie
beneath my sheets, thoughts of you raging in my mind,

Memories of similar evenings spent in your arms
thoughts of romance, passion
how you held me, stroking me like a cat
memories of my purrs and sighs.

Waiting patiently for you
I lie back on my bed
staring at your picture,
somehow, I drift off.

While I wait for you, in my dreams,
I feel your presence, your breath,
warm, wispy, I feel it on my neck, everywhere,
your hands all over, caressing, soothing my ache.

Now I can feel you, yes I feel you,
like a stallion, your staff is at full mast,
still I await, sweating, writhing in my sheets
hands between my legs, touching, taking me to greater heights!

Memories, memories, dreams
these are all I have of you
while I wait for you
waiting for untrammeled passion!

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