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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A joke to brighten your day!

cem image

Two young boys stole a bag of oranges from the village market.
They decided to go to the nearest cemetery to share the loot,
But they had to scale a big gate to enter the cemetery.
As they were scaling the gate two oranges fell out of the bag and were left behind by the fence.
A farmer who was coming from his farm near the cemetery fence, heard the following conversation going on in the cemetery:
“One for me - One for you” (Distribution of the loot),
“One for me - One for you... “On and on
He began to wonder what was going on in the cemetery at that late evening, he immediately ran as fast as he could to the local Reverend Father.
He said "Father come with me and witness God and Satan sharing corpses at the Cemetery"-
They both ran back to the cemetery and stood by the fence and the voices continued:
"One for me - One for you"
Suddenly one of the voice said "Let's get the two at the fence " (meaning the Oranges that fell)
Legend has it hat one of the Reverend Father’s shoes is still at the cemetery till date! Spooooooooooooooky!

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