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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What to do about the Somalian pirates? - Stani



As is usually the case, the world is sitting by idly watching, while Somali pirates carry on their rampage
on the high seas (Well at least the Americans carried out some action the other day and the French today),
but it seems enough is not being done to address this issue.

While some nations are calling for a greater resolve in dealing with this malaise, some others are looking
for a way out of being involved. For all we know, this could well be the battle ground of the future, not
because these guys are so well trained militarily but because they could constitue a great nuisance.

The example of al qaida readily comes to mind. While they were busy ammassing weapons, the world tunred a
blind eye until it was and is seemingly too late to do anything. I see in these Somalians, the same thread.

Already Somali is a breeding ground for radicals, al qaida insurgents and other sort of miscreants. These
Somalians are very dangerous and are growing steadily stronger as each day goes by.

The international community can come come together and work out a solution regarding Somalia. It is not just
enough now to pay particular attention to some countries because of their mineral resources and ignore others
because they have nothing or something of value has not being discovered out there.

Addressing the instability in Somalia is a first step towards finding a solution to the pirates' issue.
At the moment, Somalia has the distinction of being a 'failed state'. Why did Somalia become a failed state?
What are/were the contributing factors that enabled a nation to fall from civility to become an ungovernable

Were do these pirates get their arms from? These people do not have the knowledge to manufacture the sophisticated
weapons they carry about and terrorize the high seas with. Who is selling to them? Of course the sellers of these
weapons are probably known to the international commmunity, but because of greed, they are protected and allowed
to spread their weapons of destructions. Most if not all weapons (guns and the likes) are probably manufactured
in the West. Western governments should do a lot more about stopping these weapons from getting to Somalia
and indeed to the rest of Africa.

As long as there is 'globalisation', 'foreign trade' and the like, there would be the need for Western nations to use the
high seas off the coasts of African nations and the future certainly looks bleak in terms of this.

Failure to nip the Somali pirates' nuisance in the bud will lead to more pirates from other nations, not only African
nations but other nations in other parts of the so-called 'third-world'.

Greedy arm dealers must be brought to book. Corrupt third-world leaders must be pursued and brought to justice.
Corruption is a root cause of this malaise. Once corruption is brought under control, people will have the
opportunity to have a proper education, up-to-date learning, that will open their eyes to a whole new world.
Without this, people will remain in ignorance and will wallow in religious fanaticism and other forms of radicalism (like piracy)
and the world might never know peace.

Nip the Somalian nuisance in the bud now, before it spreads into something else.

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