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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Man With No Dick

This is a bit rough, I wrote it in a hurry in 2008, with the hope that I would get back to it and work some more on it, sadly I have continued to procrastinate over it, anyway, let me know if you like it.

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On Apr 9 2008 © Stani, All rights reserved

The man with no dick
Was having a quiet stroll In the park
And came across a man Who wanted to end it all
So he says to him
'Why do you want to end it all?'
Your man replied
'Life is so terrible, no food to eat
too dry for romance, so one to spend life with,
Ah! Life is just so terrible, nobody loves me
Nobody appreciates me
The man with no dick, he thought about all this
And said 'Listen to me son,
I got no dick since I lost it
So I have not cleaned any pipes lately
Though I always want to, since I got no dick so
maybe no girl will ever be with me now
I got no dick but I got hope, for the future
I still go out to work and make a bob or two
I got no dick but I love this Life!
And there are people who love me!
As long as I have such love I am staying put'

A lesson to learn from the man with no dick
Life is precious
Life is love
Life is good
There are those who love us
Who will be left with
Heartache if we end it all.
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