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Friday, April 3, 2009

What The Geese Talked About and What The Hippo Thought About It


When I saw this picture, I could not help myself but have a go at what these geese could be talking about.


Goose on the Left (GOL)

Goose on the Right (GOR)

The Hippo

Ok to the serious stuff now.......

GOL: Eh! Man! How are you today, eh! Where have you been?

GOR: Am alright, old chap! I have been out and about!

GOL: Where?

GOR: Oh! Here and there! And the stuff that I have seen! Oh!

GOL! Go on, tell tell!

GOR: I shouldn't be saying this really, but it is absolutely scandalous! The chick of it!

GOL: Whatever are you going on about now?

GOR: Oh! I could give myself up for the chop over this, old chap!

(The Hippo decides to chip in now)

The Hippo: For fuck sake, just say it, man, I am already dying of boredom as it is!

GOR: Who died and invited you to this conversation, eh?

GOL: Okay, okay! Enough of that now, just let us know what got you so 'excited'.

GOR: Oh! The chick of it! She put her arms round the Q's waist?

GOL: Who did what to whom?

GOR: Why, Mrs O, of course!

GOL: What about Mrs O?

GOR: She effing put her arms round the Q's waist, is bloody what happened! An absolute disregard for effing protocol! I say, am not having any of that now! Absolutely shameful old chap!

GOL: She did not!

GOR: She absolutely-effing-did!

GOL: Oh! That has never being done! Okay! Okay! Okay! I can't breathe! Oh! I have to pack my stuff! I have to hide! Oh! There is going to be war now! War, I tell you, war!

The Hippo: Ah! This is so boring!

(To be continued....probably!)

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