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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring of 2k9


The image above is taken from the lovely works of acombdave

on April 12, 2009. © Stani, All rights reserved

here at last, long awaited, freshness filled with hope

the spring of 2k9 speaks to our inner fears

forget about the worries, the sorrows, corrections and what-nots

spring is here, feel the joy in the air.


the dazzling brightness of the morning

daffodils add color to increasingly sweet ambience

reality illuminated with bright sparks of hope

feelings, thoughts of despair dispelled.


gloom and doom forgotten, fading away, slowly but surely into bloom

spring's fever, love's fervor, leaps of joy

to wake up to the bright spring sun of the early morning

dreams of spring, dreams no more.

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