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Monday, May 4, 2009

echoes of despair


image by la-cour

echoes of despair

On May 4, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved

another day another memory
sitting here feelings of intense anger
betrayed yet again, bitterness my middle name
bound up, enthralled, in a state of catatonia

excited, yet dejected, all i want to do
remain in my cell this cesspool, foul, mephitic
screaming, choking, listen to the echoes
clawing, clutching at straws slippery

crimson tide come take me away
stop my decline, descent into despair
emptiness all around me, corrections failing
systemic failures seismic in nature

left here with no escape in sight
frustration at betrayal piercing my soul as if a lance
suffocation from dank, foul thoughts
no surrender to toxic, twisted plans

smiling at your hollow vengeance
victorious in mine own way
sinking listening to hallucinatory whispers
lips curled up in a smile of final triumph.

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