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Sunday, May 3, 2009

kaleidoscopic thoughts

The picture is the prompt. I found this over at and it is the property of Roman Kaderia.

I don’t have link to his works but they are lovely!



On May 3, 2009 © Stani. All rights reserved

eyelashes flash clash 
cacophonic sounds like a metronome
hearts thumping thump thump
blood rush to the brain splash dash

wave upon wave of ecstatic emotions
awaiting symbiosis eat me eat you yummy
bucolic rustic i wish upon a star oh no
insatiable love's barathrum abyss of doom?


riding high so high helium in my brain drain
ethereal surreal take deep breaths still high nigh
eat fufu no toto hmmm dripping sweet juicy mushy
exonerate me bless me smile at me hold me moi


here now almost gone evanescent wispy
stay awhile please touch my koko needs a tutu tattoo
imbue me totally with naughty moans purr mellifluously
moiety same whole yet halves waltzing away


crisis as if a brushfire, not at sea yet seasick impossible
glassy-eyed Vitreous hoarse grunts feel the brunt rut tut
oh! what's that? palpitations here not here who is
reach out to me am falling rising don't stop


my heavy load take it dehydrate drain me so to say take it all
i am a riparian on your bank taking you to heights 
pickle peckered twin towers koko in between deep
where i want to be there nowhere everywhere
lilting falsetto baritone fall as one down to earth

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