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Friday, May 22, 2009

Of Witchcraft and other prevalent issues - Stani

Something about what I just learnt the past couple of days has really got me thinking. It is this issue of witchcraft and how people go about it. Just the other day, some people said they learnt that some girls staying with them are witches and are responsible for the ills that have befallen them. Yes O! One guy's wife lost her job and the issue was blamed on these three witches (I wonder if it is significant that that are three?). Well, they also failed to mention that for the woman who lost her job, about 300 people in the same office were affected - maybe these three witches caused it all?

What has really got me riled up is the fact that some false unscrupulous pastors have found this as a means of getting money off these people. No, really, the issue that has me even more flabbergasted is the fact that these accusers are very well enlightened, in my opinion they should probably be above issues like this, but i don't know. So the girls were taken for a 'deliverance' ceremony where some hocus pocus was performed and now they have to fast for 3 days or so - not just a normal fast, mind you, the 'dry' one during which you can't eat or drink anything! i wouldn't be so worried about this, but for the fact that the oldest of these children is perhaps 20 and the youngest -- drumbeats, wait for it--- is just 4 year old! 4 years old! A four year old child being forced to dry fast for 3 days! This is not deliverance, it is just plain wickedness, plain evil! It is nothing short of demonic!

It is sad really, because in harsh economic times, people will always look for somebody to blame for their present reality. Which is why, in Ireland, the people have started blaming immigrants for the present sad economic problem which is affecting not just Ireland, but the world as a whole. i watched a television program he other day on Prime time presented on RTE 1, and it was really a sad eye opener that a country such as Ireland still has people who think like this, even in government. To quote one of the people interviewed on the streets, 'if they weren't here, there would be more jobs for Irish people.' Wow! the immigrants make up just a tiny percent of the population and they were not in Ireland, jobs would be falling from the sky! Hallelujah! A government minister justifies it by saying it is an EU problem, it is widely prevalent in the EU. That makes it alright then. Taxi drivers are there, making a mockery of the market system, advocating for taxi licenses not to be issued anymore, mainly because immigrants are being issued licenses. One taxi driver said, the government should try and stop issuing licenses to immigrants or it would soon lead to violence! Illiterates! You might as well say, people should stop opening up shops because there are too many shops around! It is really so hilarious when you consider the Taxi Union in Cork which does not and will not take immigrant taxi drivers in because 'our constitution at this time does not allow us to have Non-Nationals as members.' God! I am dying of laughter here, somebody save me! It beggars belief that people still think like this, like animals.

A report out the other day that made the rounds round the world also referred to Ireland. According to a BBC news report, the results of an inquiry into the Church in Ireland says Church leaders knew that 'abuse was endemic in boys institutions.' The story of this abuse by Irish priests is something which will be with us for a very long time. Imagine this, a lot of these priests who had this problem were the ones who according to anecdotes, were sent to Africa to spread the 'Gospel'. Now in recent years I have been thinking about this. If these guys had this problem, sending them to Africa, certainly did not cure them. So how did they get their kicks then? It is highly unlikely that they did not end up molesting young African boys, surely, they must have done this? I don't know, but I think it would be stupid to think that these perverts who called themselves priests did not do anything untoward or evil to young black boys who were only allowed at that time to serve as altar boys. I doubt if the truth about my thoughts will ever come out, Africans have a way of sweeping things under the carpet, so to say. I mean, no family would like this to come about about their kids, it would kill their 'standing' in society. I just think it is a shame to allow such things to stay hidden.

Scandal upon scandal everyday in Naijaland. Today you will hear of people in charge of Electrification Committees allegedly siphoning 6.2billion naira for their own personal gain. Tomorrow you will hear about bombardment of the Niger-Delta by government forces. Sad, sad, sad. The speaker of the House of Assembly is also alleged to be involved in the shenanigans. So it is still business as usual back there. The Niger-Delta issue is doubly sad because all parties involved are going about resolution in the wrong manner (in my opinion anyway!). The Ijaw boys somewhere along the line, got derailed from their objective of liberating the region and started the business of kidnapping, which has turned out to be a lucrative business in the land today. The government on the other hand, does not take due care in fighting these boys and instead rains down fire on innocent men, women and children, even aged people, There should be a better way of addressing these issues. these Niger-Deltans have a right to demand for fairness in the way the resources of their land is being used, but kidnapping innocent people and holding them for ransom is not the way to go about it. they should weed out the kidnappers and criminals in their midst. The government on its part should try and listen and implement plans which would be agreeable to all parties involved.

Back to the witchcraft issue. I wonder how that little 4 year old girl would be feeling today, the second day of the 'dry fast'. I have never tried a dry fast, only the normal one, where i would not eat till 6.00pm, it was and has never being easy. It takes a lot strength, determination, great resolve and strong intentions. that pastor who has advocated 3 days dry fast for a little 4 year old, has no right to be a pastor. In fact, most of the pastors and priests I see around today have no right to be in their profession. It is all about money now and enriching themselves. Lots of evil happening around them, and all they can do is take and take and take from gullible people who feel that belief in Christianity is the way out of abject poverty and suffering inflicted upon them by their leaders. they are so blind, they cannot even see that the power to turn things around lies in their hands! Makes me want to scream all day long, but I will leave the scream for another day.

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